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Our mission is to serve as trusted advisors to businesses and individuals by providing comprehensive legal and tax support that fosters growth and the preservation of wealth.

Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd. has been Providing the Right Direction™ on legal and tax matters to businesses and individuals since 1995. We are distinguished by a dual focus in both the law and taxation, which allows us to provide comprehensive support when addressing the complexities of managing a business, clients and the workforce, planning for expansion, working through transition and protecting personal assets and business interests. Individuals and couples, along with privately-held businesses and the families they support, have come to rely on our professional and technical skills, as well as our life experience insights.

Our team of professionals has decades of experience in advising across a number of circumstances and situations. From providing legal counsel for business issues, customizing contracts and negotiating agreements to addressing delicate family matters and complex estates, we approach individual client needs with a straightforward approach to doing the right thing for the right reason in the right manner. In addition to delivering solid legal, business and tax counsel, we pride ourselves in developing strong, long-term relationships. We also spend time in the business community sharing information and perspectives on changes that affect businesses and individuals.

When you retain Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd., you retain initial and ongoing legal support. Take the time to learn about us and you will see why we are uniquely positioned to help.

Our Team

Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd. maintains the highest standards of professionalism. We are known for our integrity, responsiveness and personal service.

When you work with Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, you work with the best.

From business structure, shareholder agreements and legal compliance to real estate transactions, mergers, acquisitions and representation, having legal counsel and guidance is imperative in protecting your interests.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to evaluate their situation, look at all options and recommend appropriate solutions.

We strive to resolve issues through discussion, negotiation and documentation. When issues escalate and require further action, our attention to detail provides you with solid representation and litigation services.

Anthony J. Madonia, Esq.

Practice Areas
Estate Planning & Administration Business Strategy & Planning Corporate Law Taxation

"Preserving wealth and planning for a successful business transition can impact the landscape of future generations. The key is having a strong relationship so that we understand the goals and objectives, develop the right solution, and provide solid representation. The best outcome is a comprehensive plan that addresses intentions and leaves a lasting legacy."

David E. Shoub,Esq. Ret.

Practice Areas
Estate Planning & Administration Taxation Planned Giving

"Leaving a sustaining legacy that benefits the next and future generations has opened doors and been the backbone of progress and innovation. Helping individuals design and implement estate plans that accomplish specific objectives and best establish charitable giving intentions allows for endless opportunities."

Raymond J. Jacobi III,Esq.

Practice Areas
Corporate Law Commercial Transactions & Litigation Mergers & Acquisitions Intellectual Property & Technology Law

"Taking a little extra time to research and understand background allows us to develop perspective and create detailed documentation. It is during this preparation that we look at every dimension of an issue and determine the best course. Our clients can be assured that our recommendations have considered all options."

Emily K. Root,Esq.

Practice Areas
Corporate Law Litigation

"Collaboration is essential. When working with us, our clients can be assured that we listen to their goals and objectives, understand their needs and work to create a plan that establishes their family legacy. Strategies and solutions are reviewed and confirmed together to insure that the plan we develop sustains life's changes, challenges and priorities."

Stephen N. Engberg, Esq.

Practice Areas
Corporate Law Estate Planning & Administration Estate Litigation Asset Protection & Taxation

"Closely-held businesses and the families they support all have different circumstances and complexities. It is important to understand of both tax law and accounting principles to identify options and provide advice. Clients count on us to help protect their assets and minimize unnecessary taxation. "

Carrie Janda


"There is power in communication. Yet, legally there is greater power in the written word. By addressing intentions, directives and consequences in writing, clear communication can be a powerful legacy."

Katie Byrd


"The law is like a roadmap. It sets a course and direction, allowing for people and businesses to navigate through the various options. The options are the details. Being organized and getting the details right are essential in any legal matter."

Jennifer Madonia

Director of Client Services

Marianne Uthe

Office Manager


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"What separates our firm is our understanding of both the law and the tax system and the direct approach we take in explaining options."
Tony Madonia


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