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Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd. serves privately held businesses and the families they support in the Chicagoland area. Our clients represent a variety of industries, and we help them with a broad spectrum of issues – Providing the Right Direction.

Business & Corporate Law
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Mergers & Acquisitions
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Trust & Estate Planning
Trust & Successions
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IRS & Tax Court Representations

Business & Corporate Law

From business structure, shareholder agreements and legal compliance to real estate transactions, mergers, acquisitions and representation, having legal counsel and guidance is imperative in protecting your interests.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to evaluate their situation, look at all options and recommend appropriate solutions.

We strive to resolve issues through discussion, negotiation and documentation. When issues escalate and require further action, our attention to detail provides you with solid representation and litigation services.

Business Counsel
An established company needs a trusted legal advisor to assist in managing business issues that arise. Developing contracts and negotiating terms, protecting intellectual property and addressing employee issues require legal attention and advice. Outside business legal counsel through our Business Counsel and Advisory Support Program can provide a sound solution without a full-time obligation.

Merger & Acquisitions
A merger or acquisition can provide unparalleled opportunities for both the "buyer" and the "seller". Whether strengthening a growing enterprise or transitioning an organization so that it can continue to grow, it is important to make smart and informed choices. Structuring the transition, enhancing the value of a company, maintaining key human resources, addressing intellectual property and a host of additional considerations all need to be addressed in order to achieve a successful transaction. An experienced attorney who can provide support in structuring and negotiating the transaction is invaluable in protecting both your interests and your assets.

Our attorneys take the time to understand your business and your goals. With 365 Mergers & Acquisition Counsel™, our attorneys apply their extensive knowledge and expertise in representing and protecting your interests and investment.

New Business Start-Up
Whether you are new at starting a business or a serial entrepreneur, launching a business can be challenging. In addition to developing the product or service, it requires planning and executing the proper business documentation and structure and managing ongoing business issues.

Our 365 Business Start-Up Program™ provides business owners with a professional advisor to navigate the complexities of planning for the future, especially during start up. We can help you get started and we can work with you as you grow.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Given industry, compliance and business complexities, disputes over contracts, terms and responsibilities can arise. It is critical to have a legal team who can understand various civil, commercial and business issues and respond with efficient and effective counsel. From representation for employee matters and contracts to providing counsel on imminent risk, settlements and disputes, we focus on understanding the challenges, identifying the options and representing the best interests of our clients. By taking a 365 Litigation & Dispute Resolution™ approach, we can represent the best interests of our clients.

Trust & Estate Planning

Family dynamics and unique assets can create turmoil. A solid estate plan minimizes tax obligations and allows your assets to be protected and your directives to be followed. When done correctly, planning for the future sets the stage for smooth transitions with minimal disruption, especially during those difficult times.

Today, many tools are available that support various life stages, as well as planning for the unexpected.

  • Estate & Wealth Preservation Planning
  • Generational Asset Protection Planning
  • Elder Law Planning
  • Gift & Philanthropic Planning

Our 365 Estate Plan™ process takes a step-by-step approach to outline your goals and objectives, evaluate all possible options and implement a plan that maximizes your interests and safeguards your legacy.

Given the evolving changes in life, as well as the uncertainty with tax and trust laws, everyone needs a plan and ongoing support of the plan. Our 365 Estate Plan™, 365 Estate Plan Review™, 365 Estate Plan Administration and Settlement™, and if need be, our 365 Estate Litigation™ services give you the confidence and peace of mind that we stand ready to assist you in keeping your interests secure.


The constant changes in tax laws most certainly affect privately-held businesses and their respective families. At risk is the wealth that you painstakingly acquired through hard work and dedication. Preserving your wealth and planning for your continued success requires a strategy and vigilance. At Anthony J. Madonia & Associates, Ltd., we not only have a keen awareness and understanding of the law, but also have background in tax and accounting. In fact, we several of our attorneys are also Certified Public Accountants. We use these dual areas of knowledge to provide you with a single resource to follow you through the entire business taxation cycle from strategy and planning to tax return preparation and through IRS representation, if needed.

We understand what strategies need to be implemented in order to avoid unnecessary taxes. With 365 Taxation Support™, we are aggressive in our approach and honest in our recording. We serve the best interests of our clients within the framework of compliance and regulations – Providing the Right Direction.

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